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Embrace Emily Dickinson

Tour local landmarks associated with poet Emily Dickinson. Amherst offers a unique opportunity to become better acquainted with the great 19th Century poet, Emily Dickinson, who spent her entire life here. An excellent way to learn about her life and legacy is to take a walking tour of the numerous Dickinson-related sites in the center […]

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Visit Hampshire College

Hampshire College first opened in 1970, and so it cannot claim as venerable a tradition as the four other colleges in the area. However, what Hampshire lacks in history, it more than makes up for in innovation and the pursuit of its own brand of excellence, not to mention a spectacular setting at the foot […]

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Walk with the beavers

My family and I have done variations of this hike many dozens of times, and it never grows old. It consists of three legs: Starting out the Birdsong B&B driveway, turn left and walk about a quarter mile north along the South East St., to just beyond where the sidewalk ends at Valley View Drive. […]

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