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Lumber Yard fare

Our guests commonly request our suggestion for a place to have dinner. With close to 100 restaurants in town, the answer is not so simple. From Salvadoran takeout to award-winning soups to pizza by the slice, Amherst has dining options for all palates and budgets. In addition to a good meal, however, visitors are often in search of a memorable dining experience.

Here is a list of Amherst eateries that aspire to offer upscale or fine dining. Of the eight establishments listed, seven are clustered in the center of town.

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Amherst Fine Dining

Fine Dining in Amherst

  1. Lumber Yard, 383 main street, (413) 253-4200menu
    A relative newcomer to the Amherst fine dining scene, the Lumberyard was launched by Rolf and Cindy Nelson who also operate the Sconset Café on Nantucket.
  2. 30 Boltwood, 30 Boltwood Ave., (413) 256-8200menuThe restaurant is attached to the Amherst College-owned Lord Jeffery Inn, 30 Boltwood extends “casual elegance with inspired cuisine.” There is an outdoor dining area in the warm weather months.
  3. Johnny’s Tavern, 30 Boltwood Walk, (413) 230-3818menuUpscale burgers and American food. The lunchtime burger and beer special is popular.
  4. High Horse, 24 North Pleasant St., (413) 230-3034menuThe High Horse Brewery and Bistro was opened in 2012 by the owner of the acclaimed South Amherst beer pub, Moan and Dove. It may be the only place in town that serves poutine. Upstairs is a billiards table.
  5. Judie’s, 51 North Pleasant St., (413) 253-3491 – menuNow in its 35th year of operation, Judie’s is a downtown Amherst institution. It is renowned for its signature popovers. We like the “Littles” combination of a petite sandwich, fries and soup or salad. Vegetarians can ask for the portabella or veggieburger “Little” which are not listed on the menu.
  6. Bistro 63, 63 North Pleasant St., (413) 259-1600menuVeteran chef Mauro Aniello serves up an eclectic assortment of steak and seafood dishes, soups, salads and desserts.
  7. Chez Albert, 178 North Pleasant St., (413) 253-3811menuPopular venue for birthday meals and dinner dates, Chez Albert has consistently been named Best French Restaurant in the Valley by the Valley Advocate poll.
  8. The University Club, 243 Stockbridge Rd., (413) 545-2551menuFormerly the private UMass faculty club, the University Club is now open to the public on weekdays and serves contemporary New England fare. It is located in the oldest house in Amherst, where famous sculptor Daniel Chester French lived as a teenager.
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