Walk with the beavers

A green heron and blue heron consort on the beaver pond.

Photo by Bob Dromboski

A green heron and blue heron consort on the beaver pond.

My family and I have done variations of this hike many dozens of times, and it never grows old.

Entering beaver country

It consists of three legs:

  1. Starting out the Birdsong B&B driveway, turn left and walk about a quarter mile north along the South East St., to just beyond where the sidewalk ends at Valley View Drive. Picturesque views of the Thistlebloom Farm and the Pelham Hills in the distance may be seen on your right.
  2. Across the street, enter the Kenneth Cuddeback (or “KC”) Trail. Walk about a quarter mile, crossing a wooden bridge over Hop Brook, and meeting the Norwottuck Rail Trail.
  3. Turn right and head south along the rail trail. You will pass by a massive engineering project by the local beaver population.  About three-quarters of a mile down, you come to a large dam through which a beaver pipe has been installed to prevent the rail trail from flooding.  The trail meets the Station Rd. Parking Lot after another quarter mile.

    View South Amherst Beaver Walk in a larger map

    South Amherst Beaver Walk

    If you are looking to see beavers, the best time to go is towards dusk when they begin their work shift.  However, you may spot a beaver swimming almost any time of day.

    Be on the lookout (and listening) for a variety of bird life, including herons, egrets, hawks and ducks.

    Mosquito repellent is advised.

    The distance from Birdsong B&B to Station Rd. is 1.4 miles, so an entire round trip is 2.8 miles.  You may also choose to drive to the Station Rd. Parking Lot and walk from there.  The beaver pond begins within a few hundred yards.

    A South Amherst beaver


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